Monday, December 3, 2012

Top 10 Best Gum's for Blowing Bubbles


Top 10 best gums for blowing bubbles:

10. Double-Bubble - Double Bubble gum is good for creating bubbles. It has good flavor at first but will fade pretty fast.

9. Chiclets - Chiclets are really good for flavor, and makes good bubbles. Plus, you can get it in many vending machines.

8. Bazooka - Bazooka is cheap, and you get a comic. The bubbles are decent, and you can buy it in bulk.
7. Bubblicious - Bubblicious comes in many flavors, and each piece is huge.
6. Juicy Fruit - Juicy fruit, one of the oldest bubble gums.
5. Cigarette Gum - This gum is fun to chew, and even to open.
4. Bubble Yum - Made by Hershey, and a really good gum.
3. Extra Gum - The flavors they have made really taste like the real deal.

2. Mentos Gum - If you like mentos, and you like gum, this is for you.
1. Big League Chew - This is my favorite gum for blowing bubbles. It comes in a foil bag, which has hundreds of shredded pieces of gum.


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  1. My kids love making bubbles while chewing gums. Thanks for sharing this important piece of information in a crisp and precise manner.